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Empowering the Independent Inventor

I formed Odyssey Solutions in 2011 after I developed a series of products for the Golf industry and along the way noticed that there was a lack of comprehensive Engineering firms that would take an idea and see it through to production. Traditional Engineering firms would be used to help draft the CAD files for prototyping and at that point you would be left to find a prototype shop. This was only one aspect of the process, the sales and marketing side was another very disjointed industry. First, they are not designed to serve the small independent Inventor they are there to work with large companies that need some outsourcing. Lastly, the patent process has for years been controlled by the Patent Attorney and Agents making is incredibly expensive to see a patent application through to a published and granted status.

I knew there was a way to streamline this entire process and considering my specific background, I felt I would be an ideal partner for likeminded Inventors. Not can I offer all of these services but, do so at a steep discount compared to the larger firms. The reason, low overhead.

Every time I meet a new potential client and I hear their excitement it makes me remember why I started this business. I am here to be your partner and to share that excitement with you.

The final thing I would like to bring up is that we are not an Invention Marketing company that takes a portion of your business (or product) in exchange for the promotion of your product. We are here to make you standalone capable of running your business without someone dipping into your pocket. We will also candidly share our experiences and provide advice free-of-charge to ensure you are the most successful.

We look forward to taking that journey together.

Sean Yakeley


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