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We love meeting new potential clients and especially seeing the passion and drive in each and every person. The first step in the process is sitting down with us to talk about your product or project which is done with the utmost confidentiality. We utilize a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement that protects the information exchange to ensure your idea stays with you.

Getting an idea of the target market, the specific needs the product is addressing and any details that help us understand how you envision the product working. the more detail the better because the next step is all about finding out what is currently on the market and how your product is going to be different.

This initial consultation is treated as a “fact finding” interaction and is free of charge and does not require any commitment from you financially. Sometimes we can shed some light onto the product and may make suggestions to improve the functionality.

To read about the next step in the process click the button below. Or you can schedule a consultation immediately by filling out the Contact Us form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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