Odyssey Solutions is a unique product development and industrial design consulting firm that enables individuals and small business with the the tools to turn a good idea into something more. We offer all the services necessary to transform that great idea of yours into a patented, revenue generating product. From Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) to prototyping all the way through to marketing and sales strategy development, we can get your products to market fast and economically. We also recently added the capability of 3D printing in both ABS and PLA filament which utilizes cutting edge technology to produce immediate prototypes. To find out about all of our capabilities and see what we can do for you today....

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  • Wristrainer - Golf Swing Wrist Support
  • TempoTRAINER - Golf Training Aid
  • MagKLIP - Golf Glove Holder
  • Odyssey Apparel


Golf Swing Training Aids


  1. Computer Aided Drafting
  2. Prototyping
  3. 3D Printing and Rapid Modeling
  4. Design-for-Manufacturing
  5. Material Selection
  6. Manufacturing Planning
  7. Sales and Marketing


Houston Product Development Services

From Concept to Product, We’ve Got You Covered

What’s the difference between a bright idea and a product that makes life better for millions of people? The answer is: a whole lot. In other words, you can have a vision for the world’s greatest mousetrap, but without effective design, development, and marketing, the only things likely to beat a path to your door are the mice.

At Odyssey Solutions, we’re in the business of turning ideas into new and better products. With the support of our product development services, you’ll see your invention go from design concept to prototype to initial production. But we’re about more than simply getting your idea off the ground; we’ll also help you secure patent rights, understand the market for your product, develop a sales strategy, and find avenues for marketing and distribution.

If you’re in the market for product design firms, look no further than Odyssey Solutions. Got a great idea? Call us for a free consultation, and learn more about new product development and invention marketing.

Our Services

Turning a brilliant idea into a working product is a process requiring a whole range of skills and insight, from engineering know-how to business savvy. At Odyssey Solutions, we match the right people, knowledge, and technology to your idea to create a marketable product out of a promising invention.

Product development services include:

·         Initial consultation
·         Concept design
·         Patent research and filing
·         Prototyping

·         Market research
·         Production manufacturing
·         Marketing
·         Sales
·         Brainstorming

NOW Introducing 3D printing capabilities in-house! Yes, Odyssey Solutions is proud to announce we are now able to provide rapid prototyping models in either ABS or PLA (biodegradable plastic). This revolutionizes the game as it pertains to prototyping. Not only are you able to see you invention nearly immediately but, the cost compared to conventional milling and machining is much cheaper. With 3D printing we are able to share with you your concept to test functionality and feasibility before spending money on production molding. 

Our Products

 To get a sense of what we do and how we do it, learn more about our golf swing aid products:

  ·         WrisTRAINER
  ·         TempoTRAINER
  ·         MagKLIP
  ·         BanditGrip


Developed in response to a demonstrated need and market, the development cycle of these golf training aids perfectly illustrates what Odyssey Solutions can do for your invention.

 Watch your concept move from design and patent to production with the help of Odyssey Solutions. Whether your idea is a golf swing trainer or a better mousetrap, let Odyssey help you turn your ideas into game-changing realities.

 For a free consultation or to purchase a one-of-a-kind golf swing aid, call Odyssey Solutions at (888) 200-IDEA (4332) or e-mail



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