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Taking Risk Translates to Success

Taking Risk Translates to Success

Now I am not going claim this is my own concept in fact most successful Entrepreneurs will tell you that in order to succeed in a new venture you must endure some challenges. The difference of an idea and action is the persons ability to take risks and try. This seems obvious but in reality weighing a financial or time commitment against an unknown outcome is very difficult for most people. We make these decisions in our day to day life whether it is deciding to buy a new pair of shoes or investing in a home. All decisions have a risk element.

Developing a product or business is incredibly challenging and will push you to your limits along the way. But, if you believe in what you are doing and have done your research you will lessen that risk element.

I can remember when I first had an idea for one of my golf products, it was something that lingered in the back of my mind. I can even remember thinking “If I dont make this, someone else will”. It was that statement that pushed me forward. I didnt want to live with regret about not pursuing the idea.

Over the course of the following months I dove in with both feet and committed a lot of money in doing so. Years later I am very proud of what I have done and never think about what might have been.

I urge you to work through your idea and map out a very detailed plan with costs and rewards weighed against one another.

Here is to getting your idea moving…

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